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Pyelonephritis is a kind of renal pelvis that causes by the bacterium and kidney essence inflammation. A lot of bacteria can cause this disease, among them the commonnest for coliform organisms, it is deputy coliform organisms next, be out of shape bacillus. Most bacterium is from urethral classics bladder, ureter goes up of the kidney. As a result of the female urethral shorter than the male, if be when sexual intercourse or menses carelessly the vulva is wholesome, carry the bacterium inside the vulva and vagina very easily urethral, and cause go up infection, this disease sees reason more at the female. Additional, the bacterium also can catch focus of a disease by the feeling inside body (if phlogistic, skin affects tonsil,wait) , arrive at a kidney along with blood or lymphatic fluid. The stone of department of secrete make water, tumour, hypertrophy of the prostate, urethral stricture micturition that cause not free or uric fluid stop, cause pyelonephritis easily also.

[Pathogeny interpretation of the cause]

The easy feeling element of pyelonephritis

Pyelonephritis is in uric road infection on urethral infection, coliform organisms is main pathogenic bacteria. The easy feeling element of pyelonephritis is many sided, main factor and infection are concerned;

⒈ because the female is urethral short, the bacterium is invaded easily, infection chance is much, reason female incidence of a disease is higher than the male 8 ~ 10 times.

Road junction of ⒉ female make water has coliform organisms to exist, sexual intercourse often is the main reason that causes infection.

Estrogen of ⒊ gravid woman secretes grow in quantity, ureter tension is reduced, peristalsis is abate, bring about uric road not free, the occurence rate of uric fluid countercurrent is higher, the uric road of reason gestation is affected, majority is kidney beneficial nephritis. Kidney beneficial nephritis goes up by cystitis more infection be caused by, especially arm take off, ureter is returned stream, it is to go up the main reason of infection.

If ⒋ cystitis fails seasonable or sufficient cure, about 50 % of 30 ~ can go up cause pyelonephritis.

Block of road of ⒌ make water, stone of the road that be like make water, tumour, narrow, hypertrophy of the prostate and bladder of nerve source sex, cause make water to flow not free, the local ability that fight bacterium is reduced, be helpful for infection and pressure heighten, it is the important inducement of nephritis of kidney the first month. Uric road block person about 60 % are intercurrent nephritis of kidney the first month.

Pathological changes of ⒍ kidney essence, pledge between tumour of cyst of nephritis of the spherule that be like kidney, kidney, kidney and chronic kidney canaliculus sexual disease. Can make a kidney local the ability that fight bacterium drops, nephritis of beneficial of easy intercurrent kidney.
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