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Why does the medicaments that treats nephrosis hurt kidney instead

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Because nephrosis patient number grows day and day, after the medicaments that because take,treats nephrosis and the patient that occurrence kidney damages also shows year after year to increase by degrees trend. In the medicaments that treats nephrosis, the nephrosis patient everywhere that uses the harmful response such as poisonous side-effect of hormone of Western medicine happening, allergic reaction is visible, and with poisonous side-effect small the Chinese traditional medicine that is characteristic and advantage also appeared so called " kidney noxiousness " phenomenon. After all, why was the medicaments that treats nephrosis caused to the kidney again damage?

Western medicine treats what nephrosis holds medicaments not strictly to get used to disease

In Western medicine in the process of clinical cure nephrosis, the application of the immune depressor such as amine of acyl of phosphor of hormone, annulus is very confused, make one of main reasons that affect nephrosis patient curative effect and bring about kidney of cure source sex to damage. Although medical field is right,the research of nephrosis had arrived to avoid administrative levels of epidemic disease pathology deep, put forward to adjust immune therapeutics, but, clinical fact proves, immune depressor is having in the application of nephrosis cure domain get used to disease strictly.

For instance clinical on diagnose clear nephrosis to be asked for integratedly and nephrosis of sex of little pathological change, applied immunity depressor can get very good cure result on certain level, but do not have positive curative effect to the nephrosis of other type. Nephrosis is asked for integratedly and small small ill metamorphic nephrosis is in the proportion that has is few number after all in whole nephrosis crowd, accordingly, the nephrosis of great majority is not be the immune depressor such as use hormone to get used to disease. And the current situation using drug in domain of cure of scan widely nephrosis, the nephrosis patient of all sorts of types has the experience that abuses hormone medicaments, cause nephrosis thereby long treat the difficult problem that does not heal.

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