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My acute nephritis is good!

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Patient plum Bin, male, 13 years old of students, person of city of Shijiazhuang goldenrain tree

Action in chief: Tonsil agnail 4 days, face ministry is bloated a day.

Diagnose: Acute nephritis

Patient face ministry spends oedema again and see a doctor with because tonsil agnail does not have inducement after 4 days,will appearing last year in March local outpatient service, the doctor considers to be acute nephritis. The proposal is entered do not check diagnose! The patient comes to see a doctor further my courtyard! Be admitted to hospital 100/60mmHg of examination blood pressure, temperature 36.6 Celsius, red blood cell of occult blood of uric check albumen > 50, hematic convention leucocyte 130 thousand, hematin 12.6 grams, diagnose is acute nephritis!

Cure: Penicillin day of static drop of 3 million unit 2 and aweto originallies the verify cure such as this soup, symptom of the patient after 2 days improves, appetite increases. The patient after 7 days is self-conscious albumen of all convention of make water of good laboratory test (, ) occult blood (, ) red blood cell 2, hematic routine is normal! Consolidate after treating 5 days! Deal with for the patient leave hospital formalities!

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