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Acute nephritis is not typical and clinical expression

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Before the clinical expression of typical acute nephritis already was like, narrate. But clinical go up to also nephritis of one part acute can appear the following not typical clinical display: (1) inferior clinical model acute nephritis: Can not have oedema, hypertension and naked eye hematuria, be in only after streptococcic infection when examination of convention of travel make water, discover lens issues blood in the urine, or it is normal that uric convention is checked, c3 of only serum complement is reduced, 6 ~ restore 8 weeks, but the pathology change that kidney vivid frugal shows typical acute nephritis. (2) nephritis of the symptom outside kidney acute: The streptococcic infection that has a typical case history, clinical expression has oedema, one high blood pressure crossing a gender. But it is normal that uric convention is checked, complement C3 shows typical acute period drop, the change that 6 ~ restore 8 weeks.

(3) nephrosis asks for integratedly model acute nephritis: Say again " the nephrosis after nephritis is asked for integratedly " . Main show is the patient apparent oedema and many albuminuria, can appear even typical nephrosis is asked for integratedly " 3 tall one low " expression.

(4) nephritis of serious illness acute: Disease hind shows rabid sex process since, oedema, little make water accentuates quickly, kidney function is urgent drop suddenly. The prognosis of this kind of patient is poorer, kidney live body organizes pathology examination to often more new moon bodily form is become.

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